5 Stylish Abayas for Plus Size Women

Published on April 08, 2020

In this guide, we will guide you through 11 Stylish Abayas for plus size women.

Looking for trending Abayas that not only fit well but also grace your look? Then, you are the right place. We give you 11 great fashion ideas for curvy women to look great in Abayas keeping with the latest trends.

Some of you may not be aware of what Abaya is. Let us explain in the simple way possible. Keeping the key spirit of modesty as per Islamic rule, these Abayas are used by Muslim women to cover themselves. Though commonly used is black abaya, with evolving times, different colors are used as per users discretion.


Over the years, Abayas have become an iconic symbol. Styled in different ways, it is worn to cover the shape of a woman's body. While some women wear a simple style, rest love to wear stylish abaya with designs, especially at parties or special occasions.

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Abayas are the most preferred outfits of Islamic women. Worn in many Muslim countries, it has also become a style statement in recent times. With everchanging fashion, Abayas are available in various collections, designs and varieties. From lightweight to heavyweight, Abayas are available online as well in retail stores.


Apart from Embroidered Abayas, you will also find Abayas with embellishments, stonework or intricate designs which you are sure to love.


Kaftan style abayas are perfect for plus size women as it hides the body shape efficiently while giving you a classy, sophisticated look. It is also comfortable wear, especially in hot summers. As mentioned above, black is the default shade used for Abaya but nowadays, laces, embroidery patterns and shimmering stones enhance the look of classic black thus adding a finesse. Dubai style abayas for women is also a good choice which you can try.


For women who want to look elegant and chic, here are some best plus size Abayas for you.


Hope you loved the ideas and different designs of Abayas for plus size women. In the end, remember it's all about confidence and how you carry yourself. Cheers...!!!

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