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“A woman modestly dressed is like a pearl in its shell”, a famous quote for Muslim Women who wears trendy modest Islamic wears. In traditional Arabic women’s clothes we can find modest fashion dresses. Nowadays, we are bored with traditional style. So, most of them are in search for trendy and fashionable Muslim clothes online. Here, Masho provides the modern and trending fashion of variety of dresses with best discounts and prices.

Islamic Clothing History

In Islamic (Muslim) clothing, their is certain rules about how men and women should cover themselves. Generally, clothing will vary based on the climates and cultures of different countries. But in Islam, some traditions of dress have emerged, especially for women.We can see that women in the West show their arms, legs and body shape with their clothes, some devoted Islamic women choose to cover their limbs, structure and faces.
The origins of this are not clear but the history of Islamic dress is typically told in a way that around the dress of Islamic women. Veils were used by women in ancient Greece, Persia and India, predating Islam. By the second Islamic century, veils began to be worn as a symbol of status. By the 10th century, Middle Eastern countries had made laws imposing the use of veils. Today, some countries such as Turkey have outlawed the use of the most dramatic form of Islamic dress for women. What a woman wears today is a combination of her choice, traditions and the level of adherence to tradition. - 24x7 Online Muslim Clothing Store for Women is the leading modern Islamic clothing online shopping platform developed in 2019 for Muslim women clothing. Browse our latest collections of Abayas, Hijabs, Kaftans, Tunics, Tops, Scarves, Kurtis, Stoles etc of globally recognized brands.

Modest Islamic Clothing Online

As we know, Modest Islamic clothing varies across culture and countries. Islamic dressing styles or Muslim fashion are effected by location, social status, climate, education, faith etc. We are providing comfortable and suitable Islamic attires for all in search of modest fashion and stylish Muslimah fashion. Now, a variety of Islamic Women’s clothing are available. Most popular of them are Abayas, Hijabs, Niqabs, Kaftans, Burqas, Scarves etc.
It is important to be included the needs of Muslim women to be recognized, especially as the fashion industry is becoming more representative and diverse, accept this new situation and make changes in the fashion.As modest fashion is continuing its grow and make its place of its own. Because it is not just a trend, its our way of dressing and a lifestyle.

Most Common Types of Islamic Clothing

Here, we are listing the most notable ethnic apparels for Women in this modern era. This common types of Muslim wears using as both modern and traditional wear. Let's look for all the clothings available on Masho. Buy modest Islamic clothing online like abaya, hijab, burqa and more on one place.


Similar to headscarves, it is a popular veil worn by many Islamic women. Hijab covers the head and the neck. Popular in the Arab world and the West, hijab is one of the sought-after apparels with even big brands like Nike launching a sports hijab for women athletes.


Abaya is another loose garment that is famous in many parts of the world such as North Africa and the Arabian countries. Basically, a cloak, Abaya is a robe-like dress that was initially available in the color black. Nowadays, Abaya Online are available in different shades as well as enriched with patterns and embroidered designs that can be worn on special occasions.


Burqa is another style of a veil that covers the entire body, head and face with an opening left only for the eyes. Burqa is still of prominent importance in Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and Muslim-majority regions such as Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

Midis and Tops

Midis, Tops and Kurtis have become an outfit that is stretched beyond the Indian borders. A long top with knee-length, it comes in full sleeves that are paired with Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta.


Available in different designs, patterns and fabrics, stoles are lightweight, soft and skin-friendly. Delicately designed and embroidered, Stoles are suitable for both western and traditional wear. Simply wrap around your neck or wear them like a shawl.


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