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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to

Users are requested to follow all the terms and conditions declared in the policies. If you disagree with any of the terms or conditions mentioned in the policy, kindly discontinue the usage of the site. If you have any queries related to the policy`s terms and conditions then please contact our customer care, which is available for you 24/7. From here on the term Terms & Conditions will be referred to as, Agreement for the rest of the document

Only registered accounts can view the profiles

In order to view the wide variety of profiles available at Masho, the User has to be a registered account holder at Masho. Only 18+ individuals are eligible for creating an account on our site. Your registering of the account will be taken as a consent to all the terms mentioned in the policy and you will be bounded by the same until you hold the account on the website.

Termination of Account

You can terminate your account any time you want, by informing the same in written to Masho. Once your account is closed, immediately the access rights provided to you as an account holder will be revoked and all your personal data saved with us will also be deleted from our database.

Masho can also terminate your account without giving any prior notice to you, if Masho finds you to be not eligible for holding an account on the site. But once done the same will be informed to you via email. If your membership has been terminated for the reason of breaching the agreement, then you will not be entitled for any refund.

Terms of Use

The content in the form of text, videos, images, logo etc. available on is the copyright of, and the user shall not use them without having the written consent from the Company, failing to do so, the user shall have to face strict legal actions.

The user shall not use the site for personal commercial purposes. Masho is a matrimonial site for individuals and companies & firms are not eligible to create an account on the website. Unauthorised usage of site, trying to insert malicious content (racist comment, vulgar messages, abusive words etc.) on the site or trying to hamper the site with viruses will result in stringent legal actions against the violator.

We would also like bring to the notice of the user that Masho .com is a pure matrimony site and not a dating site.

Important Points
  1. Masho holds the right to verify the content and details provided to you and can ask you for proof of verification. Failing to submit the proof, can terminate your account on the terms of security threats.
  2. Not sharing your personal login details with a third person is the users responsibility. Masho will not be responsible for any damage/ hacking/ manipulation of data or account details of the user if the user fails to maintain the confidentiality of the login details.
  3. Masho can change the content/ rules/ terms of the policy at any time and with any frequency. The revised terms will be active as soon as it is updated on the site.
  4. You should not send messages of obscene content to other users.
  5. holds the right to restrict the number of messages you send to other users via the site.
User Data does not hold any responsibility for data available on the profiles. The genuiness of the data published under a profile is the user`s responsibility and is not responsible for any wrong information provided by the user.


If in future any legal issues arise, the formalities for the same will proceed in accordance with the Indian Government Laws.